‘All-hands-on-deck’ for sandbagging in Lake Country

Fire department volunteers from around Lake Country, north of Kelowna, were called out Tuesday night to assist with sandbagging.

Sewer lift stations have the potential to be compromised if flood waters continue to rise.

“As long as we can keep them operational, they not only serve as a main feeder for this area, they also serve for communities up in The Lakes and a lot of those areas,” Lake Country Fire Chief Steve Windor said. “If those go down, we have potential of environmental issues into the lakes, and/or people wouldn’t be able to use their bathrooms.”

Engineering crews from the District have been covering storm sewers around the community as well.

The District is investigating storm water that has made its way into the sewage treatment system, overwhelming it.

“The system will only take so much capacity,” Windsor said.

As waterways continue to swell in Lake Country due to runoff from melting snow, there are new evacuation alerts for the community.

The alert affects approximately 580 properties in the area of:

• Beaver Lake Road from Main Street to Bottom Wood Lake Road
• 3193 Hill Road (Kangaroo Creek Farm)
• Konschuh Road – all
• Bottom Wood Lake Road from Berry Road to Lodge Road
• Lodge Road from roundabout to Meadow Road
• Meadow Road – all
• Pawley Court – all
• Taiji Court – all
• Bottom Wood Lake Road – all the way to Wood Lake
• Brun Road – all
• Rolyat Road – all
• Redecopp Road & Court – all
• Reiswig Road – all
• Jeider Street – all
• Woodsdale Road from the Rail Trail through to Woodsdale Court
• Clement Road – all
• Rogers Road – all
• Seymour Road – all
• Turtle Bay Court – all
• 2930 Woodsdale Road (Woodlake RV Park and Marina)
• 2850 Woodsdale Road (Turtle Bay Pub)
• 11871 Hwy 97

Residents in this area should be prepared to leave their homes on short notice should conditions along creeks worsen. They may also wish to take steps to protect their properties from potential flooding by sandbagging.

Windsor said sandbags are available at Swalwell Park, Beasley Park and the Winfield Fire Hall at 10575 Okanagan Centre Rd East.