BC election 2017: Liberals, NDP battle in tight race, Greens win 3 seats

UPDATE: Global News projects a Liberal government. 

For the first time in more than six decades, people across the province are waking up to what appears to be a minority government.

The official seat count will not be tallied for two more weeks but the BC Liberals appear to have managed a victory over the NDP in Tuesday’s election.

Early results have the Liberals elected or leading in 43 of B.C.’s 87 ridings and the NDP elected or leading in 41. The Green Party are elected in three ridings.

The BC Liberals are looking to secure their fifth consecutive majority government in a race that pollsters have said is “too close to call.”

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BC Liberal leader Christy Clark won her riding of Kelowna West.

NDP Leader John Horgan was re-elected in Langford Juan de Fuca.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver kept his seat of Oak Bay-Gordon Head.

“Andrew, I am so proud of you, you were well worth it,” Weaver’s mother Ludmilla told Global News. “He was born with a big head but there were brains in it.”

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Prominent Liberal cabinet member Peter Fassbender lost his Surrey-Fleetwood seat to the NDP’s Jagrup Brar.

“Like everything, the people decide,” Fassbender told Global News. “This is a complicated election. I think there were a lot of divisive issues. I am confident that the BC Liberals will still form a majority government.”

Amrik Virk, the minister of technology, innovation and citizens’ services, lost out to the NDP candidate in Surrey-Guildford.

Several other battleground ridings in Surrey leaned towards the New Democrats. In total, NDP candidates were elected in seven of nine ridings.

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The Liberals won all four seats in Richmond: Teresa Wat in Richmond North Centre, John Yap in Richmond-Steveston, Jas Johal in Richmond-Queensborough, and Linda Reid in Richmond South Centre were all elected.

The NDP held onto seats in Vancouver, with Melanie Mark in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey, and Spencer Chandra Herbert in Vancouver-West End all being re-elected.

The NDP’s George Chow defeated Minister of Justice and Attorney General Suzanne Anton in Vancouver-Fraserview.

Kamloops has voted for the winning party in every provincial election since 1903.

The Liberals took both seats in Kamloops with Transportation Minister Todd Stone winning Kamloops South-Thompson and three-term Mayor Peter Milobar winning Kamloops North Thompson.

Originally a single riding, Kamloops was split into two ridings — North Thompson and South Thompson — in 1991. While the boundaries of North Thompson and South Thompson have changed over the years, it appears the government always wins at least one of the two ridings.

Adam Olsen won in Saanich North and the Islands, giving the Greens their second seat. Olsen narrowly lost the seat to the NDP’s Gary Holman in 2013.

The NDP is looking for their first election win since 1996. To do so, they need to retain the 35 seats they had when the election was called, and add another nine.

The Green Party is hoping to experience a breakthrough, particularly on Vancouver Island.

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The Greens held just one seat in the legislature, but are believed to be challenging the NDP for several seats on Vancouver Island.

A successful night for the Greens could raise the possibility of a minority government, which B.C. hasn’t seen since 1953.

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