Burrito Jax workers claim they were not notified as Halifax restaurants abruptly close

Workers of at least one restaurant from a chain of fast food establishments were left shocked on Tuesday, after they woke up to the news they were no longer employed – the only problem is that nobody told them.

Burrito Jax made the announcement on 杭州桑拿会所 and Facebook that they were closing their Cole Harbour, Sackville and Clayton Park locations. But an employee from their Sackville location says she and other staff members only found out once the news was posted on social media.


“I was pretty upset and actually pretty angry,” said Sophia Pinsent, who worked for the company for about a year.  “We were all very close there, so I thought we would’ve deserved a call, or at least a call from corporate.”

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Pinsent said she received a text from her manager, but that only came after the notification was posted on social media. At the time of writing Pinsent has yet to be contacted by a representative of the company.

Pinsent has another part time job, but said she’ll have to look for another one this summer. She said it’s her former co-workers who will likely feel the affects the most.

“A lot of the employees don’t have cars, so they had to walk to work,” she said. “They relied on it for food and rent.”

In an emailed statement Gordon Delano, the owner of Burrito Jax, disputed Pinsent’s claims. The full statement is as follows:

“Three Burrito Jax franchise operations in the Halifax area have ceased operation. While we cannot speak for the franchise owner, it is our understanding that the closures, known in advance, were done with great consideration of the impact to staff and in keeping with the requirements of all Burrito Jax franchisees. We have been informed all employees have been paid in full, including vacation pay and benefits.”