Dog thrown into fire pit by kids now recovering in Winnipeg with second-degree burns

WINNIPEG —; His hair is singed, and burns cover much of his body, but a Winnipeg based rescue group says a dog that was badly burned after he was tossed into a fire pit over the weekend should make a full recovery.

“His coat saved his life. If he didn’t have a big coat, he would have died for sure,” Katie Powell with Save-A-Dog Network Canada said.

Powell’s group regularly rescues and treats dogs in northern Manitoba communities. Polo came into their lives when he was just eight-weeks-old in Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Man.

She said the group found a good, loving family to care for him, but on Sunday they got a call from his “mother” that something horrific had happened.

“Children had taken Polo from their porch and threw him into a fire,” Powell said. “The dog came home with smoke bubbling from his nose. He had second degree burns on anything that wasn’t covered in fur.”

Polo is being cared for at the Tuxedo Animal Hospital.

Courtesy: Katie Powell

His shocked owners immediately notified Powell and the next day Polo was put on a plane to Winnipeg. He is now recovering at Tuxedo Animal Hospital.

“Right now he’s in good spirits. He’s obviously on some pain medications and we’ve got him in a medicated bath to try and get some of the soot off. Now it’s about making sure he doesn’t end up with pneumonia,” Powell said.

Polo is recovering from multiple second-degree burns.

Courtesy: Katie Powell


While the band office and school have been notified, Powell is turning her efforts towards finding Polo a new home. His caregivers have asked he be put up for adoption for his own safety.

“They’re devastated,” Powell said.

Powell said her group has established strong relationships in many first nations communities, with many people working together to rescue stray dogs.

A spokesperson for the RCMP said they were not initially notified of the incident, but are now investigating.

A fundraiser has been started to cover Polo’s medical bills. The goal is to raise $2,200 for vet, flight and rehab expenses.