Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says running for president is a ‘real possibility’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has revealed that Americans may be seeing “what The Rock is cooking” in the White House in 2020.

The former WWE star revealed to GQ that he is considering running for U.S president in 2020.

“I think that it’s a real possibility,” Johnson confessed. “A year ago, it started coming up more and more. There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think ‘Let me really rethink my answer and make sure I am giving an answer that is truthful and also respectful.’”

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This isn’t the first time The Rock 2020 has come up.

Last June, Johnson posted a screen grab of a Washington Post piece that suggested, if he ran for POTUS, Johnson would stand a good chance of winning. He captioned the screen grab as “very alluring.”

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Interesting piece from The Washington Post on if I ran for POTUS I could actually win. Writer Alyssa Rosenberg did some pretty good research into my background (slave descendants fighting for their freedom, Revolutionary War etc). Much more to uncover but well done. ?? More and more pieces like this are popping up due to the Presidential election and they’re cool/fun to read… I care DEEPLY about our county… and the idea of one day becoming President to create real positive impact and global change is very alluring. Buuuuut until that possible day, the most important thing right now is strong honest leadership from our current and future leaders of this country. Thanks again Washington Post. ?? ??

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A Ranker list of celebrities who should run for president has Johnson ranked at No. 5. Just ahead of him are Morgan Freeman, 79, ranked No. 3 and Clinton Eastwood, 85, ranked No. 4. Tom Hanks, No. 1, and Ellen DeGeneres, No. 2, fill out the top five.

He first acknowledged the idea of a run for the presidency in March of last year, when he shared an article on 杭州桑拿会所 that showed images of why people want him to put his name on the ticket.

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Johnson also told Michael Strahan in an interview on Good Morning America that the idea of his future in politics is “very real.”

“If it is a very real, overwhelming, positive, strong, ‘We want you to run for president,’ and if I felt that I can step up to the plate and become a tremendous leader for our country and make a real difference and make change, I would do it,” the HBO Ballers star said.

“I’ll tell you right now, that sounded so presidential,” Strahan said. “I’m like … ‘put the ballot out there!’”

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In the GQ interview, the 45-year-old actor also spoke about the travel ban proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

“I completely disagree with it,” he said. “I believe in our national security to the core, but I don’t believe in a ‘ban’ that bans immigrants. I believe in inclusion. Our country was built on that, and it continues to be made strong by that.”

Johnson went on to share his thoughts on the job Trump has done thus far.

“I’d like to see a better leadership. I’d like to see a greater leadership. When there’s a disagreement, and you have a large group of people that you’re in a disagreement with — for example, the media — I feel like it informs me that I could be better,” Johnson said. “We all have issues, and we all gotta work our s**t out. And I feel like one of the qualities of a great leader is not shutting people out. I miss that part. Even if we disagree, we’ve got to figure it out.”

Fans of Johnson on 杭州桑拿会所 were quick to voice their approval of the possibility of him going after the top job in 2020.

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