Iconic Whyte Avenue sign comes down but will return at reimagined corner of 106 Street

It’s one of those iconic markers on Edmonton’s busiest retail and entertainment strip but the Southpark on Whyte sign, which long stood in front of a former car dealership’s lot, came down last month, marking the end of an era.

But the 21-metre sign, which was first erected in the 1960s, will come back thanks to the city designating it as a municipal historic resource. It’s the first time Edmonton has given such a designation for a sign. The landscape around it will just look a little different when it makes its return.

In March, city council approved a rezoning application for a developer looking to transform the former car dealership into a high-rise development.

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The sign will be back when the development is complete and the city said it will be cleaned up and sent away for refurbishing in the meantime.

The project will see the construction of two high-rise residential buildings at 81 Avenue and 106 Street and the former car dealership lot at Whyte Avenue and 106 Street be converted into a pair of low-rise retail buildings.

The project was met with stiff opposition by some members of the community who feared the development’s height could permanently alter the neighbourhood’s character.

The developer, One Properties, has said they hope to begin demolition work before the end of 2017 and to have the buildings completed by 2022.