Sean Spicer mocked on Twitter after report emerges he hid in bushes to avoid press

Hours after Donald Trump fired James Comey on Tuesday, Sean Spicer was left hiding in the bushes on the White House Grounds, according to The Washington Post.

After Spicer conducted a TV interview on a set on the White House grounds, he reportedly wanted to return to his office but the path to his desk was blocked by reporters seeking answers over the bombshell announcement about the FBI director’s dismissal.

Donald Trump sacks FBI director James Comey


Donald Trump sacks FBI director James Comey


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Surprise and concern after Trump fires FBI Director James Comey


Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

So Spicer spent a few minutes camped out in the dark near some bushes before moving behind a tall hedge. When it became apparent he had little option but to talk to the media, a press office executive assistant emerged to let reporters know her boss would field questions off-camera.

Spicer then appeared, telling reporters, “Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off.

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“We’ll take care of this. … Can you just turn that light off?”

Naturally, the moment became fodder for 杭州桑拿会所 users who enjoyed the picture Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson painted.

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Several other 杭州桑拿会所 users noted how they expected Saturday Night Live to have a field day with it, especially given the fact that this week’s host will be Melissa McCarthy.

Saturday Night Live issued a preview Wednesday of what to expect this weekend with McCarthy as the host.

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